The Art of Buying

Projecting yourself into your home is a challenging task. Some have a “Love at first sight”, some of us develop an attachment over time.

Location, Location, Location

Whether you are a newcomer to Canada and Vancouver, you need a presentation of the neighborhoods and their characteristics, please contact me.
Location for both your and your spouse work. How is the commute? Identify the different how to go and get back from work. Public transportation facilities and planned upgrades. What is the route like? Location for your hobbies. Is the movie theatre up to your standard, or is the access to trails easy for a post-work stroll with your pet. What kind of grocery store, quick bites are available Location for your Future Expecting a new addition to the family, have you identified the school of choice for your kids and its specific program? When was the school built? Is it solid? When it comes to financing get pre-approved with RBC
Disclosure of Representation
Thinking of buying a Property