International Buyer

Well, it’s also about answering a need and a fact.

Looking at my traffic, I noticed that viewers are from all over the world. From the US of course but also Brazil, India, DR, UK, Philippines to name a few and the short answer is:


Yes, you can buy Real estate in Canada, and in Vancouver. There are no restriction as of if you can register your name or corporation on Title. Connect with via mail or phone. I actually happen to specialize with buyers of all cultural horizons. I have a certification called “At Home with Diversity” Vancouver being one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world.

And if Not in Vancouver, I can help acquire Real Estate anywhere in the World through my Certified International Property Specialist Designation.

Being a Certified international Property specialist benefits Julien’s clients with a preferred network of Real Estate Professionals established globally.
  • Searching
  • to solving Visas,
  • Identifying Tax ramifications
  • Present associated fees
  • Introduce you to Lenders
  • Property Insurance
  • money transfer,
  • registering Title
  • and moving in,
He is educated for that purpose. So you can shop for your winter retreat in Mexico, Ski lodge in the Alps, or a Pied- a-Terre in Monaco.

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